Hey there, are you feeling a bit overwhelmed and COVID fatigued?
Do you need to kickstart your business and reset?

Have you ever wondered what success really feels like?

It's the difference between a 6 and 7 figure business. So, isn't it time to stop being busy and start being productive? It's time to create the business and life you deserve.

I'm so ready!


2021 was a doozy! After lockdowns, cancelled events and no travel, you've emerged from the COVID bubble feeling overwhelmed and dazed. 

But what if you were ready to start 2022 with your roadmap to success? What if...

  • You had clarity - the fog you're feeling right now is gone - and you knew exactly what you wanted to achieve in 2022 along with a clear pathway to making more money.
  • You had the solution - you can stop chasing your tail and going round and round in circles. There's no more guessing! Start saving time and focusing on the things that actually matter in your business.
  • You had a proven system to follow - you knew what to do and in what order. You could confidently take action immediately and stop wondering what comes next.

Are you feeling a bit like this:

    • You’re the world's best-kept secret!
    • The customers you have LOVE you, but you need more of them!
    • You’re ready to step up and be more visible but you’re just not sure how. 

Things need to change, but how?

      • You’re doing the work but the profit isn’t enough.
      • You’re wasting so much time and not getting the results.
      • You know you want to scale your business but just don’t know what to do next.

What if you had someone to show you the way - an experienced mentor you could work with 1:1 because your business is unique and deserves specialized care.

Imagine ...

If you were part of a business accelerator specifically designed for women small business owners like you, who want non-overwhelming, proven-to-work strategies to create the business and life you deserve.
STOP trying to band-aid a plan together!

You know what you're doing now is not working. You're wasting time and money, feeling burnt out. You've done short courses, a group coaching program but it didn't get you the results and, let's face it, the social media gurus are all about vanity numbers, not sales and real business growth.


Twist the knife a bit more here, talk about the problem, but then reassure them it's not their fault. Mauris pellentesque eget lorem malesuada wisi nec, nullam mus. Mauris vel mauris. Orci fusce ipsum faucibus scelerisque.

WHAT IF I told you there was a tailor-made solution perfect for you AND YOUR BUSINESS?

That's right a proven program that is tailor-made to you and your business. No more getting lost in the crowd of group programs. Here you work 1:1 with Tina, an industry leader who has literally been there and done that.

Your business is unique and so are you. You're ready to change and to start 2022 on the road to success.

Success takes persistence and it takes consistency. It takes showing up and it takes clarity. That’s what Business on Demand Accelerate is going to give you.

Apply now ➡

High-performance 1:1 mentoring program that will give you real-time support, accountability, and implementation.

Get the support you need - without getting LOST in the crowd.


By the end of Business on Demand Accelerate,
you'll have learned how to:

  • Result 1: Create the business you love so you can stop trading your time for money!
  • Result 2: Sell with confidence - no one knows your ideal audience better than you. Be authentic and be a leader. Magnetically attract your audience with clear and direct sales messaging and start making more money.
  • Result 3: Scale your business online, tap into your video income machine and kick start your passive income streams. 

And you'll be able to achieve all of this with one extra invaluable resource... ME!

Unlike other courses and programs that leave you without so much as an email address to reach out to... I'll be with you throughout the entire 6 months!

I'm ready to APPLY for Business on Demand Accelerate

"Tina has the incredible ability to understand the bigger picture and create clear pathways towards achieving long term goals. More importantly, though, is her no-fuss advice on fixing problems right now. Her simple tried and tested strategies are actionable and achievable. Tina is a shining light in a world that can sometimes feel isolating and defeating. I highly recommend getting Tina on your side."

Elena Lambrinos
Dance Domain

Meet Tina Harris

Hi, I'm Tina:)
Visual strategist, high performance mentor, mum and animal lover!

Tina teaches women entrepreneurs like you, creative and practical strategies to fast track business growth and revenue so you can create the business and life you've been dreaming of.

Tina understands the power of connecting through authentic content and what that can mean for you and your business. Her last viral video clocked up over 140 million views in-less than 12 months and is still growing.

Tina has multiple online courses, membership sites and a very successful YouTube channel.

My “LOVE work” is helping other women in business become “visible”, and to rapidly grow their income by creating the business and life they deserve.

Tina has worked with

major brands and has been a key figure in the production of international TV shows. So it's her experience negotiating sales and contracts with the big players, Tina’s wealth of experience that stands her apart. She has literally been there and done that! And that’s what makes her so different.


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The Power of Accelerate gets you from A to Z in record time. This is your ticket out of overwhelm and into clarity!

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I’m only inviting a handful of people to take part in my Accelerate program, so if you are interested, apply now and we can jump on a call.

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Business on Demand Accelerate Program.

I'm ready to Accelerate! 


A unique opportunity 

Accelerate is a program I have put together for you, the solo female entrepreneur. My mission is to help and support more women in business grow and scale their businesses online. For a very limited time I'd like to invite small group of ladies to come and work with me in this high-performance mentoring program 1:1 As part of this offer, I'll be offering these go getters a 50% discount off the full program price. Places are limited, so please do apply today.


I know first hand the power of having a business mentor

Having someone you can work with 1:1 is so powerful. I'm a big believer in investing in the most important person in your business, you! Which is why in my own business, I have always had a mentor or coach. Having someone to discuss strategies and ideas for your business out loud is the absolute key to success. I can't wait to hear more and work with you x