Imagine making amazing videos that book your business each day, before you even get out of bed!


So many business owners understand the importance of video to grow their business - but there’s a huge problem!

Something stops them

  • I don’t know what to say
  • I’m worried about how I’ll look
  • I don’t like the sound of my voice
  • What about the tech, where do I even start?

If you know how incredibly important making videos is to your business but have felt self-conscious and worried about going LIVE, uncomfortable using ZOOM and the idea of making an online course terrifying, this will be THE most important information you read today.

Does this sound like you?

Have you had one of those horrible thoughts going round and round in your head?

Now, in 2021 we know how important it is to pivot, and using video is the key. Let’s face it, video is exploding, it’s the best way to be instantly seen and heard.

Whether you’re...

  • presenting a Facebook or Instagram LIVE video
  • making a pre-recorded video
  • running a Zoom meeting or conference
  • creating an online course or membership site

We all need to be making better videos and making them right now!

Well, what if I told you there is a way to knock those limiting beliefs out, a simple step-by-step process that will put you on the path to video success. What would that mean to you and your business? 


Courage on CameraTM: The NEW recipe for video success


This program is ideal for people who:

  • want to feel more confident in front of the camera
  • want to grow their audience and reach
  • want to increase sales through video
  • want to take the next step with creating videos for training or online programs

Want to take a sneak peek?

Courage on CameraTM: The NEW recipe for video success

"In a world where presenting online has become the new norm, it is essential to showcase your product in a way that will maximise returns. Courage on CameraTM is a brilliant platform that will help you refine your presentation skills. Tina and Mark are articulate, engaging and informative in their delivery of this course. There is no preaching. Each session is like sitting down with an old friend.

If you are looking to upskill your knowledge and presentation skills, look no further - Courage on CameraTM is a must! It will support you in becoming that next-level presenter."

– Georgie Donaghey

What’s included in the Courage on CameraTM video method?

Part 1

  • How to be courageous on camera: there's no such thing as perfect
  • What to say: how to plan out your message and story
  • Creating a plan: Avatars and story boards

Part 2

  • Looking good on camera: secret tips for getting the best our of your next online meeting
  • Makeup how-tos: 5 minutes and full face makeup must haves

Part 3

  • Lighting: How to get professional results on any budget
  • Cameras: from smart phones to DSLR cameras
  • Sound: microphone recommendations and how-tos
  • Post production: the magic of editing, and publishing videos

Plus 4 amazing bonus downloads 

  • Courage on CameraTM workbook: helping you break through limiting beliefs and getting your mind and drive on the pathway to success
  • Makeup on camera recommendations and must have list
  • Must have tech recommendations: everything you need to know about sound, cameras, lights and teleprompters for all budgets
  • Planning and starting checklist: the ultimate guide to help you plan out and be in the know for your next video shoot



Courage on CameraTM: A NEW recipe for success

  • Easily watchable step-by-step program that’s simple to follow
  • Binge the whole program in a day or pace yourself over a week
  • This program will save you hours and hours searching the internet
  • Lifetime access

Make more professional videos

Attract new people to your business

Amplify your message and start growing your income through video


No more saying
“I don’t know what to say or where to start”


As a mentor and business coach, I hear this all too often, “If I only knew what to say, I just need a plan of how to start!” Well here it is! What are you waiting for?

Imagine pressing post on your latest video, feeling confident and proud of what you have created. Taking a moment to breathe, having a cup of tea and relaxing, spending time with your family. Imagine opening your inbox to see it FULL of new client enquiries or sales for your business. Video can help you start living life at your own pace, video has the power to 10 x your reach and bring your message to people all across the world.


Get all this for only $47!



  • Confidently hit record or go LIVE whenever you had a new product or service to launch
  • Know exactly what to say and captivate your audience keeping them wanting more
  • Be nimble, create small and large offers that generate extra income easily
  • Be a leader in your space, no more pushing uphill, feel valuable
  • Say no to stock images or just re sharing other people's posts or videos, this is your story, your message, the power of you!
  • Celebrate your wins and get your time back to spend with your family
  • Build that audience and grow grow grow! More clients equals more income and cash flow.

“The modules (segments) are easily digestible in length and allow us busy entrepreneurs/small business owners to take in bite sized pieces of information without losing too much time in our day/ night. I loved the additional information in the cut out scenes and the downloadable documents that compliment and add to the learnings within the course content.” 

Lisa Hamilton

Posting in groups, blogging and doing endless comments can eat up and waste time and energy. You need a plan, a system AND the power of video.

Videos are exploding, they literally are everywhere and they’re now on every digital platform, from Facebook, to YouTube to Instagram and Linked In just to name a few. And it’s not just recorded videos, it’s LIVE broadcasts, it’s Zoom calls, it’s Microsoft teams.

For only $47? Yes Please!

Get access to Courage on CameraTM:
A NEW video recipe for success

I’m a high performance mentor & visual strategist and I love video. I run my own production company with my husband Mark and for over 12 years we’ve been creating international TV shows, video courses and multiple viral YouTube videos.

"I first saw Tina speak at a conference and she spoke so honestly and openly about how she got to where she is and the journey along the way that I felt I had to work with her! Since she has started coaching me I have gained more confidence and feel like I could achieve so much more than I give myself credit for!"

- Leah Chandler

"Both in-person and over the phone, Tina has used her personal and professional experience in a kind and supportive way to help mould the future direction of Little Kids Business. If you think you need some encouragement and honesty, call Tina for a fresh perspective."

- Leisa Papa

"1) Tina understands small business because she has LIVED experience. 2) Tina is successful, there is no doubt that Lah-Lah has been a success. She has been at the negotiating desk of some seriously big players and that is worth learning from! 3) Last, but most important for me, is that Tina is genuine."

- Sarah Yip

You are ready for the Courage on CameraTM video course if you are:

  • Ready for change
  • Sick of seeing others in your industry more successful than you
  • If you need to pivot and grow your business online
  • If you need to get out in front of the camera and be visible
  • Ready to stop trading your time for money
  • Ready for it to be easier!

Courage on CameraTM won’t work for you if: 

  • you're not excited
  • You don’t believe you can do it
  • if you don’t have the time or energy because your audience will know
  • You’re not willing to show up and connect with your audience
  • You don’t believe winning customer trust and loyalty is important

Think about the result you want to achieve and then let's think bigger! You’ve got this.


I’m a business owner just like you. You work hard for the money you make and I understand the risk in buying digital products online. I’m extremely proud of the products I create and I won’t waste your time. Anyone who buys my products and uses the methods and strategies will be thrilled with the results.

This Price won’t last, are you ready to start? Join us today.

What’s standing in your way? Are you ready to start making better videos, reach more people, building and growing your business with video and finally creating the business and life you’ve been dreaming about?


"Tina took the time to understand my business, provided me with outstanding strategic approaches to reaching my goals and accountability without judgement.

I highly recommend her services to creative business owners."

- Michelle Worthington

"I had the pleasure of working with Tina Harris through the Women’s Business School. Tina’s knowledge in business is extraordinary. When I first began the program I was unsure of what direction to take my business due to Covid, but after a brainstorm session with Tina, I was able to move my business into a new direction. I am so grateful for the time, the support and the encouragement and I feel incredibly lucky to have had Tina as my business mentor." 

- Jo Stevens, The Zen Zone

"Tina has an unstoppable energy, high creativity and great enthusiasm for her work. Given her outstanding success to date, I’m sure she will bring enormous depth of experience to any future endeavor."

- Amelia Farrugia

Courage on CameraTM
it’s time to start making better videos today!