How I turned my life on screen into an international business helping others

Tina Harris is a visual strategist and mentor. The loved face of the group Lah-Lah, seen daily on ABC KIDS in Australia and internationally, Tina has spent the last 12 years making Television and videos.

She understands the power of trending content and what it can mean for you and your business. Her last viral video clocked up over 76 million views in 7 months and is still growing.


“There’s always another way to look at things”

When the largest chain of retail sellers closed in Australia and a national licensing deal collapsed overnight, I was devastated! Seriously, how could this happen? But out of this set back came an amazing opportunity. If the licensing deals and shops were no longer there, how could I create a product and get it to the audience? Simple, well, kind of:) so we created local and offshore manufacturing for a range of apparel and concession products. Next was a national live show tour, which performed to over 50 venues each year, replacing the need for physical shops and stores and now reaching in person up to 100,000 families with live music and entertainment.

Tina has signed to SONY Music and Roadshow Entertainment, has worked internationally with broadcasters and the big business players. She has  worked extensively setting up partnerships and growing audiences for herself and her clients. Tina has also been nominated for 2 ARIA awards, won 2 ACE Awards and has been awarded the Hall of Fame at WhatsOn4 Australia.

“Never take NO for an answer, it’s just a creative MAYBE:)”

Trying to make children’s television can be a soul destroying business, seriously, it’s not all bright colors and smiles! So  after taking my last show  to all the major networks and VOD services (Video on Demand) with no takers, I decided the best course of action was to literally think outside the box, the TV box that is and create proof that people wanted to see this show. Through a daring and slightly crazy crowdfunding campaign, we raised over $103,000 in 4 weeks, thanks to our incredible fans, a tireless campaign and lots of coffee and red wine! The campaign showed we had both audience demand and proof of concept. This was the catalyst that then excited the networks and funding bodies. Best of all, by taking this chance and really throwing ourselves behind what we believed in we then created a ground swell and were able to make industry partnerships and raise close to $1000,000 in the following 3 months. I’m very proud to say, this show is now seen across the world.

My “LOVE work” is helping other women in business become “visible”, and rapidly grow their income by creating the business and life they deserve.

I kind of fell into mentoring and helping others and I’m so grateful for this. Over the years, I’ve met so many amazing women in business. I would get calls weekly from people wanting help with strategies to grow their audience, help with making videos, growing their Youtube, building income and running events and so on. Their stories and journeys were not too dissimilar to mine. Women are amazing connectors and by supporting each other with our experience and knowledge we can all grow, we’re all in this together. And this is now my main business, helping others and by golly it makes me happy.

So who am I? Well I’m  mum, a big animal lover, and my  life? Well it’s best described as organised chaos, that’s what makes life real, the organised chaos and I wouldn’t have it any other way:)

Can’t wait to meet you xx