Feeling YouTube stuck? Learn how to grow your audience and subscribers and monetize your videos online


YouTube is hands-down the fastest way for musicians or creative artists to reach more fans internationally and create a passive income stream online. Plus, creating beautiful videos that you are proud of is great fun and incredibly rewarding as an artist!

 Hands up if this sounds like you…

Most musicians and artists try and do everything on their own. Look I get it, it's how we started too. But if you're sick of wasting time searching for answers, and you know you need to get your YouTube channel out of the 'too hard' basket read on!

Is this you...

CONFUSED - OMG the TECH!! Camera, lights, and sound! What do you do with the edit? Can you do it on a budget?

FRUSTRATED - No one is watching! How do you get more views on your videos? How do you grow your subscribers? 

STUCK - What do you make? Nailing down your niche and developing a content strategy to make the right videos is mind-boggling! 

EXASPERATED - How do you make money? You've scoured the web for answers. Monetizing your channel is a top priority, but YouTube's monetization process feels like a puzzle without all the pieces.

ALL THE ABOVE! - How do you go Viral? People keep talking about the algorithm, what even is it? How do you find out about trending content? Should you care?

Let's face it, what you're doing right now isn't working. You need answers! Isn't it time for a change?

We've worked with..

I've worked with..

You're not alone...

Creating videos can feel like a lonely road. It's hard to find someone who understands what you are trying to achieve.

We’ve worked with performers who you’d describe as crazy confident, but they hated getting up in front of the camera.

We’ve worked with creators who’ve made lots of videos, but don't know how to reach their audience and get their videos seen.

We’ve worked with people who are brand new to video production, at the very beginning of their new video journey.

And what we hear time and time again is, “I wish I'd started with you earlier! I just needed someone to show me how to get started… I just needed mentoring from someone who's already successful on YouTube!”

So, what's holding you back?

Let's be honest, there's something stopping you from being the successful creator you know you can be.
Could one of these nagging blocks be getting in your way?

I have no idea what
to make, I know making videos is what I need to do but where do I even start?

I don't know how to do the tech. What camera do I use? How do I do sound and lighting?

OMG I'm worried what people will think of me! I know I want to do this but...

I don't have
enough ideas. How will I keep up making new videos? 

I don't know how to edit, but how do I hire an editor? I'm worried about money, can I do this on a budget?

I've started making videos, but they're awful! I really want to make them better but I just don't know how.

I have a YouTube channel but it's not working. How should I write descriptions? When should I post my videos? It all seems so overwhelming!

My videos will never be as good as everyone else's! I have serious 'impostor syndrome'. I really want to make a change but how?

Stop the tearing thoughts and
get the support you need.


Want to hear the good news?

It's time for a change. You're 1 step away from harnessing the power of YouTube! You just need the right information from someone who has been there and done that!

Master the YouTube essentials. Don't worry if you're not a tech wizard or are lacking fancy equipment. We'll teach you essential YouTube skills without the jargon. Learn how to make quality videos, and optimize your channel for maximum impact. We've got step-by-step tutorials and insider tips that'll have you creating polished and engaging content that will keep your viewers coming back for more.

Build your YouTube empire!

Worried about making money from your channel or navigating tricky copyright issues? Relax! Our program will guide you on the path to monetization success. We'll help you understand YouTube's algorithms, leverage platform policies, and unlock the strategies to grow your subscriber base. Plus, we'll share tips on maintaining your momentum, so you can juggle your YouTube dreams alongside your other commitments without burning out.

But I'll be honest with you, this program isn't for everyone.
So let me ask you, are you person a) or person b)?

a) This is for you if...

  •  You’re an action taker! Ready for CHANGE and you want to LEARN more about YouTube now!

  •  You’re sick of seeing others in your industry being more successful than you

  •  You're ready to GROW YOUR YouTube channel and watch your subscriber numbers soar!

  •  You want to build your audience and REACH MORE PEOPLE GLOBALLY

  •  You’re ready to stop wasting your time and money and to LEARN FROM EXPERIENCED EXPERTS who are actually doing it now!

  •  You’re ready for it to be EASIER and more FUN!

  •  You want to start MAKING MONEY ONLINE with your videos

  •  You want time back to spend on the THINGS YOU LOVE

b) It isn't for you if...

  •  You're not willing to try something new and put in the work

  •  You’re not coach-able and already have all the answers

  •  You’re not willing to show up and connect with your audience and fellow creators

  •  You don’t believe winning customer trust and loyalty is important

  •  You don’t want to make money while you sleep

  •  You’re happy with the money you’re making and don’t want to make six or seven figures online

Imagine If...
  • you knew exactly how to craft your next amazingly successful video?
  • your channel was bringing new fans to your music and videos and your subscriber count was going through the roof!
  • you were getting millions of views every single month on your videos!
  • Your Spotify was growing, and you got people coming to your website, wanting more and more of you!

So let me ask you, are you ready to take action and get start today?

Now if you’re still scrolling...

I know you're ready for more, so let me share something with you

YouTube is here to stay. 1.5 Billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day! This is your chance to be in the right spot at the right time and catch that perfect wave.


Your audience is there, waiting for your videos!

Could YouTube work for me?

The answer is yes

Creating videos is THE best way to grow your fans, amplify your music, get seen and heard, and start creating income online.

What are some creatives YouTube has worked for?
  • Children's musicians and Entertainers
  • Visual Artists
  • Authors and storytellers
  • Musicians general
  • Teachers teaching teachers, parents or students
  • Entertainers

This process works

If you have a YouTube Channel between 1 - 1,000k Subscribers, Tube Creatives will help you get better results. It works.

You deserve to be seen. You deserve to be heard. You deserve success, and that's what you'll get with this hands-on proven program.

This is the exact process we have learned over the last 15 years making videos and YouTube! and our results...

Half a Billion YouTube views

1 Million views every 48 hrs! 

Not sure if Tube Creatives Academy is right for you?

We're so proud of the incredible work of our Students! 

Tina Bangel


Before I started, I had no direction and didn't know what videos I should make. I also had equipment that I had purchased years ago like lights and a green screen but didn't know how to use them properly. Doing the program

I was able to monetize my YouTube channel!

I also had a video that gained 475K views. I learned that there is a strategy to the videos and I applied it and it worked. Because of the success of the channel people were more aware about my work and I was offered a position to be a music teacher at an early learning centre. I was also able to create a music and movement course called My Pamilya Time.

Bethany Fisher


I am so glad lockdown 6.0 motivated me to jump in and do this, I only wish I'd done it sooner! I feel I could keep learning from Mark and Tina forever and ever and am so grateful for their ongoing and never-ending support. I already started with a good understanding of video editing. I have gained so much more knowledge and

I'm so excited about the growth I have made

The mentoring has been incredibly helpful. Having the Facebook community to provide accountability as well is fantastic. Both Mark and Tina are so generous with their time and knowledge. Their genuine passion for building up others is truly the reason why their course is so fabulous.

Sally Pyke


Working with Mark & Tina has been incredibly helpful. Their collective expertise, industry acumen, professionalism, winsome cheerfulness, and technical prowess.

Exceptionally good value for money

because it not only included the actual videos, mentoring and 1-on-1 strategy session, but the community, continued access to the course content, and the beauty of the flow-on into their Courage on Camera Succeed membership and community give the opportunity to continue to tap into Tina & Mark. Incredibly valuable and generous, with excellence, quality, craftsmanship and golden treasures throughout the course and the after-course chapter that we are still enjoying.

Van Sereno


I went from 0 to 14 million views in 2 days! I did exactly what Mark and Tina said. I made sure my thumbnail was right, as well as my tags etc., and made sure the video looked the best as possible. I checked 10 hrs later and it had

gone from 0 to 4.1 million views!

I went from 73 subscribers to 22k subscribers overnight. I couldn't believe it. 2 days later it jumped to 14 million views! It felt phenomenal, unexpected and sensational!

Michelle Worthington


Before doing this program I didn’t see the need for video content or understand the impact it could have on branding and social media platform growth. You don’t need to be perfect. What I learned was that

you can learn and grow as you go

Getting it done is better than staying paralysed because you are too worried about production value. You need to spend money to make money, so invest in yourself.



People ask me about YouTube and I have an entirely different perspective than I used to.

I am able to deliver more value

Mark and Tina go over and above. They genuinely care. They make themselves available to help me when I need it. They want me to win. Mark and Tina are so much more than simply teachers of a program, they are supporters and cheerleaders. 

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